Niclin started as an idea.

Niclin started as an idea, fuelled by a desire to drive positive evolution in the construction industry.

Niclin is more than just a design and construct company; Niclin is the application of an idea, formed by Nick and Caroline Cave in 2013.

Central to who we are as a company is a passion to ‘do construction differently’: to deliver great projects whilst ensuring that people, and their experiences throughout the build, are the highest priority

Niclin is the culmination of this idea, focusing on three key areas:




As a result, Niclin has, and continues to deliver design and construct projects through innovation, efficiency, transparency for our clients.


Niclin has always looked for a better way. Our commitment to continuous improvement encompasses our processes, people, technical skills and experience.

We know that the best solution is not always the most obvious, which is why we work with each other, our subcontractors, consultants and you to get the job done.

This collaborative approach, with solutions focus, enables us to provide you with value management and engineering solutions that benefit the project outcome and build a partnership that will continue past the first project.

Our commitment to Health and Safety, Environment and Quality, supported by the accreditation we possess, provides peace of mind that we are delivering your projects on a tried and tested model, reducing risk, building certainty, and increasing project confidence.

Health & Safety

At Niclin, we want a well and thriving team who can go home safely to their family and loved ones, we aim to eliminate incidents and injuries across all our sites and operations.

We strongly emphasise the importance of planning and carry out risk assessments specific to each project, especially where high-risk works are being undertaken. To ensure our safety targets are being upheld, Niclin actively consults both its workforce and contractors throughout the project lifecycle.


We actively promote environmental awareness company-wide to ensure our team are aware of their environmental responsibilities, and that together we can achieve ongoing sustainable outcomes. We endeavour to reduce our environmental impact both on projects, and within our business.


We pride ourselves on the quality of the projects we deliver for our clients. Our stringent systems allow us to focus on the quality of on high-risk works to ensure the best product is provided to the client at PC and beyond.

We aim to do the job right the first time when delivering your projects. We actively create quality checks based on risk assessment for every project we undertake and track progress, from project commencement through to completion of the defects liability period. We undertake regular workshops and on the job training to ensure individuals throughout our organisation are aware of lessons learnt and our company quality objectives, to achieve ongoing improved quality outcomes.

The values Niclin live by.

Niclin Values - Think Differently

Think differently

Niclin Values - Find the Solution

Find the solution

Niclin Values - Look after your Teammates

Look after your teammates

Niclin Values - Do the right thing

Do the right thing

Niclin Values - Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself

Niclin Values - Stick to your word

Stick to your word

People powered.

Our people are our success. It’s this belief that drives our commitment to cultivating a team of the best of the best; not just based on talent, but those who share Niclin’s values and purpose.

This also extends to the subcontractors we work with. We continue to develop and expand our core team of subcontractors who share our commitment and our values, to ensure every aspect of a project is completed on time, and to the highest standards.

Working with Niclin, you know no matter the project you will always have the right people in the right places, consistently delivering quality outcomes and building certainty into your project.