Niclin started as an idea.

Just like your next development, it all started with an idea, and is the reason why Niclin is the ideal choice to bring it to life. 

Niclin is more than just a design and construct company; Niclin is the application of an idea, formed by Nick and Caroline Cave in 2013.

The idea was simple; creating positive change in, and driving the evolution of the construction industry.

Niclin is the culmination of this idea, focusing on three key areas:


As a result, Niclin has, and continues to deliver design and construct projects through innovation, efficiency, transparency for our clients.

Niclin - More than just design and construct


Niclin has always looked for a better way. Our commitment to continuous improvement encompasses our processes, people, technical skills and experience. To assist in delivering desired outcomes, we utilise some of the latest systems and technologies to manage a variety of our processes.

The tools and systems we use, including those featured on the right also allow the Niclin team to think and operate beyond our separate work silos. We know that the best solution is not always the most obvious, which is why we work with each other, our subcontractors, consultants and you to get the job done.

Niclin - More than just design and construct


Cloud based software specifically designed for construction management, ProCore seamlessly connects our site, office team, clients, subcontractors and external partners, overcoming historic barriers in shared information and communication. ProCore also allows the Niclin team to manage programmes, quality, safety and efficiently throughout a project with simplicity and flexibility.

Niclin - More than just design and construct

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM is the process of creating graphical and non-graphical information and sharing the output in a Common Data Environment (CDE). In addition to providing realistic, interactive 3D models of your development, BIM can offer time and cost efficiencies, added quality checks and streamlined programmes; getting you on site sooner and completed ahead of schedule while reducing costs.

Niclin - More than just design and construct


The accreditation we possess and the processes that facilitate our accreditation provide peace of mind that we are delivering your projects on tried and tested model, reducing risk, building certainty and increasing project confidence.

The values Niclin live by.

Niclin Values - Think Differently

Think differently

Niclin Values - Find the Solution

Find the solution

Niclin Values - Look after your Teammates

Look after your teammates

Niclin Values - Do the right thing

Do the right thing

Niclin Values - Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself

Niclin Values - Stick to your word

Stick to your word

People Powered.

Our people are vital to our success. It’s this belief that drives our commitment to attracting and retaining the right people; not just based on talent, but those who share Niclin’s values and purpose.

This also extends to the subcontractors we work with. We continue to develop and expand our core team of subcontractors who share our commitment, to ensure every aspect of a project is completed on time, and to the highest quality standards. 

Working with Niclin, you know no matter the project you will always have the right people in the right places, consistently delivering reliable results.

Niclin - The Niclin Team