Niclin Building Better.

Niclin is more than just design and construct. While we have delivered many quality, multi-million dollar projects in the industrial, fuel & retail and commercial sectors, what we do does not define us; our values and people do.

We know that with the right people, skills and values, we can deliver a development experience that is easy, efficient and value for money. This belief has driven Niclin over the years and will continue to drive us as we push industry boundaries through innovation and always looking for a better way.

Core Capabilities.

“Niclin were tasked with ensuring the long-term success of Enoggera Bowls Club. Not only did they complete the project on schedule while satisfying three stages of handover for incoming tenants, but did so mitigating 9-10 weeks of delays. With leasing agreements in place for the next 5-7 years and an influx of new members at our now world class facility, the future of Enoggera Bowls club looks promising.”

Dr. Neil Peach
Enoggera Bowls Club

Niclin Building Certainty.

We have extensive experience in approvals, design, construction delivery and value management, enabling Niclin to assist in any project, at any step along the way. This offers the flexibility to utilise one or two of our services as required, or utilise us from concept to construct and delivery, through the full scope of your project.

Regardless of which Niclin team you choose to work with or how, communication is paramount. By discovering your critical drivers from the outset, we ensure we are aligned with your desired outcomes and can identify value, innovation and build certainty from day one.

You can get involved at various stages of your project journey:

Development Approval

Niclin can help you develop your project from the ground up, starting with the block of land. Working with Niclin from the DA stage of the development process streamlines the construction program and ensures the agreed outcomes for your development are achieved.

Our established industry relationships enable us to manage the approval processes and guarantee that your build is compliant, timely, and cost-effective. Niclin’s in-house team work with a town planner to accelerate authority approvals and ensure all feasibility assessments are carried out correctly, ultimately saving valuable time and meaning that construction teams can be on-site and ready to go when you are.

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)
Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) enables us to engage with a project in a way that time does not permit in a typical tender. Involving Niclin early in
the project lifecycle allows us to accelerate the construction process by liaising with consultants and subcontractors to ensure buildability is integral
to the specifications. By understanding your project from the outset, we’re able to determine economic build options and address any potential design
matters upfront, proposing measures that ensure all aspects of your build run smoothly.

Through this, we can build certainty for our clients from the design phase, through the construction period, to a seamless handover, maximising value
and mitigating risks at every stage.

Design & Construct

Niclin offers an end-to-end service that will ensure you are guided and supported through the entire building process.

Our experienced Project Managers collaborate with architects, consultants, and suppliers to challenge the constructability of the design and identify opportunities for value management within the build. By leveraging our expertise and established industry partnerships, we’re able to understand your specific project goals and assemble the best team to achieve them.

Construct Only

Construction excellence is the core of our business, and we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality we deliver on every project.

In a Construct Only engagement, we work according to your existing design specifications to bring your project to life. Our strong subcontractor relationships and expertise in managing projects allows us to seek improved outcomes wherever possible, not only building certainty but delivering excellent results.

“Niclin completed a 13,000sqm distribution centre for Northshore at Johnstone Rd, Brendale in 2018. The project scope grew considerably over the course of the build to accommodate the end user’s fitout requirements, and Niclin’s project team met these challenges with professionalism, great service and completed the works to a high quality standard.

We would not hesitate to recommend Nick, Caroline and their team to anyone seeking an established commercial builder to design and deliver a quality product.”

Tim Graver
Northshore Group

Niclin’s clients include: