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Niclin – Behind the Rebrand – Part 1

Niclin Group has recently rebranded to Niclin, but why?

Niclin’s key points of difference have always been our people, processes and values, with a desire to deliver the best industry experience. As Niclin Group we felt that these qualities weren’t truly reflected. With our clients and subcontractors referring to us as Niclin over the years, there was no better time for change than the new year.

Rebranding was an opportunity to for us to demonstrate who we are and what we stand for. As mentioned, our key points of difference are our people, processes and values, but without our focus on people; both internally and externally, we wouldn’t be who, or where we are today.

Take a closer look at the Niclin logo. What do you see?

As a nod to the importance of people at Niclin, the i’s in our logo have been designed to resemble people in conversation, highlighting another area of importance at Niclin; communication. Communication builds and maintains positive relationships, facilitates innovation, helps build an effective team and transparency, both internally and externally. These aspects and more are how Niclin aims to build certainty and deliver an experience like no other. Stay tuned to learn more.

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