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At Niclin, we know that sharing knowledge is more valuable than knowledge itself. This page is dedicated to sharing some of our knowledge, processes and systems in the hopes it provides the same benefit as it does to us, to you.

These resources are a combination of content created and/or curated by the team at Niclin that can provide any business the assistance and tools required to operate in the current climate.

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Queensland Business Support/Events.

Podcasts to Listen to:

This hysterical and informative podcast investigates some of the greatest failures of our time; how they happened, what went wrong, and whether they could have been prevented

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at work or just need to listen to some people who get what you’re going through, this podcast fits the bill.

Think everyone has it all together but you? Successful people discuss the times they fell down and how they got back up again in honest, straightforward stories that will lift you up, too.

If you like your downtime with a side of education and a few laughs, this fascinating podcast investigates issues, events and society that will make you go, “Huh, I’ve never thought about that before!”

Covid-19 Information & Guidelines.

Covid-19 Templates &  Posters

Working From Home Guides & Resources.

Government Assistance Information.

Health, Wellbeing and Support.

Coronavirus affected you?
Know your rights.

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