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Coen Wilson - Design Cadet

Name: Coen Wilson

Role/Job title: Design Cadet

Brief Description: I jumped straight into the deep end when it comes to the construction industry. I went from working night shift at Caltex to landing a job as a Cadet at Niclin group while I study a Bachelor of Urban Development, majoring in Construction Management. I was able to get the role through Niclin's cadet program after a reference from another cadet who is already working at Niclin. With no previous experience it was a hard adjustment but through the excellent teaching and mentoring procedures at Niclin, I've been able to gain significant experience and knowledge for my future career in the construction industry.

Areas of Expertise/Strengths/what I bring to Niclin: Having no previous experience working in the industry, with only my university knowledge to rely on, initially I was able to bring my communication skills which helped me build important relationships with external consultants. As a design cadet, these communication skills have been invaluable in my role and over the past 6 months this has been supported and superceded by the knowledge I have acquired in the role.

How can I help other organisations: I am always available and willing to provide information and assistance wherever needed, with my skills also encompassing estimating where and when required.

Niclin Email Address:

Personal Interests: Playing and watching sport are my biggest passions; particularly soccer, however I also enjoy and follow rugby union and the NBA.