Tilt Panels Erected at BAC Grevillea Place

The tilt panels on the Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) ‘Grevillea Place’ warehouse development have been erected, just last week.  Weighing up to 45 tonne each, these 43 panels were erected in just two days.

In true Niclin style, we facilitated a pre-start safety meeting with BAC, their Safety Team, Gaskin Construction Services and our subbies to plan & discuss the high-risk works. We value this collaborative approach to risk, to ensure all are prepared when going into a high-risk activity.

There is always a buzz in the office when a building starts to take shape. Congrats to AAA Precast Concrete Qld  and Universal Cranes for the Tilt Panel build and the Niclin team of Steve O’Connor, Tom Belcher and Site Manager, Randal Younger who worked hard to ensure that the panels were erected safely, and on program.